At Plastic Repair Centre, we repair anything and everything plastic. Our services range from plastic bumper repair, plastic fuel tank repair, motorbike fairing repair, car mirror repair, agricultural tank repair to the repair of many other plastic components such as jojo & water tank repairs. Our trained staff use specialised plastic welding equipment to professionally weld and repair all plastic parts. Our repair strength is guaranteed to be as good as new.

Repairs will be smooth and undetectable and should last the life of the product. Plastic repair is not only cost efficient, but it is also an environmentally conscious option as we do not have to use resources and energy to produce a new item or need to dispose of the damaged old item.

Contact Us to see how we can meet your needs. We have an option to courier parts for customers outside of Cape Town.

We do automotive plastic welding on the following components

plastic bumper repair

Plastic Bumper Repair

fuel tank repair

Fuel Tank Repair

motorcycle fairing repair

Motorcycle Fairing Repair

mirror cover repiar

Car Mirror Repair

washer bottle repair

Washer Bottles

door panel repair

Door Panels

 front panel repair

Front Panels

 Plastic Mudguard repair

Plastic Mudguards

water tank repair

Radiator Water
Reservoir (Water Tank)

air filter box repair

Air Filter Boxes

sump guard repair

Sump Guards

spray tank repair

Spraying Tanks

 intake manifold

Intake Manifold

headlight housing repair

Headlight Housing Repair

fan shroud repair

Fan Shroud Repair

loader mudflap repair

Loader Mudflaps

Solar Pool Covers

We stock 500 micron Solar Pool Covers in 3,4,5 mt width.
Click Here to visit our Solar Pool Cover website

Bumpers for sale

We stock and sell a wide variety of used bumpers, front & rear

Auto Electronics

auto electronics cape town
Diagnostic scans | Airbag Light | Engine Management Light | ABS | Airbag Control Module Programing

Our uncompromised quality is our promise!

We also offer Auto Electric & Electronic Repair Services